We help athletes develop a competitive edge that wins.

Reign was founded by Dave Myers and Alex Drakos in 2014 for the purpose of developing a business around tDCS technologies. Alex and Dave, both neuroscientists and athletes, created a company for the purpose of helping other athletes maintain a competitive edge on the field by enhancing their neurological readiness. tDCS technology is currently used by the Pentagon and the Department of Defense for the purpose of safely enhancing the warrior-athletes of tomorrow.


ceo and co-founder

Dave graduated as a member of the Colgate class of 2014 with a degree in Cellular Neuroscience. Following an internship with a Harvard-Mass General affiliated lab working on neuromodulation, Dave began developing his own updated tDCS device for his own use. What started out as a personal project quickly grew into the development of Reign. He has worked excessively in the hopes of making his vision of a personal tDCS into a commercially viable reality. 

Alex Drakos


Alex is currently a graduating senior at Colgate, and is majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience with an interest in neuromodulation techniques. Alex joined the team in the fall of 2014 after seeing the potential in this new field of tech. He is currently overseeing a clinical study with the Colgate Neuroscience Department to examine the efficacy of the Prime beta headset in comparison to other industry standards